Cefa Natural Park


The Cefa Natural Park is located at the border with Hungary, in Bihor county, in the administrative territories of Cefa and Sânnicolau Român.

You can access the park from the National Road DN 79 which connects Oradea with Arad. In Inand you have to take a right, and the park will be only a few km away.

The park also has a few bird watching points.


A relatively new park (founded in 2010), the Cefa Natural Park also known as “The Delta of the Criş”, is an aquatic paradise which is home to many animals and bird species.

The swamps and ponds are excellent points from where you can observe endangered species of birds like the great bustard or the Ferruginous duck.

Not to be ignored are also the white egret, the grey heron, the swan or the cormorant which make their nests in the bird colony from Rădvani Forest. The park is a paradise for the fishing amateurs since they can find here a few privately administrated fishing places.

As you  visit in the park,  you can also visit to a few cultural places like the archeological site in Cefa or the one in Sânnicolau Român or even to the St Archangels Church (1826) in Inand.

Did you know?

In the Cefa Natural Park lives a species of toad called fire-bellied toad which makes sounds similar to those of a buffalo.

Conservation facts

The Cefa Natural Park is a protected area of national interest and the only transfrontier project due to its proximity to the Koros-Maros National Park from Hungary.

The site offers nesting, feeding and resting places to many waterfowl species, many of them declared endangered species at a global level like the red duck.