The ASTRA Open Air Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization


The ASTRA Open Air Museum is located in Dumbrava Forest, near Sibiu, in Sibiu County. The museum offers guided tours, information pamphlets and different materials about the exhibition.

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00

Entrance Fee: Yes

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The open air museum was established in 1963 and spreads across an area of 96 ha in the Dumbrava Forest which is 4 km from Sibiu. The place, filled with spirituality, culture and history, became The ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization in 1990. It is a replica of a Romanian village with streets of 10 km in length where 300 buildings of various architectural Romanian styles are lined up. Among these there are windmills brought here from the Dobrogea region that reflect in the lake, and an old inn where you can eat traditional food.

A refuge for the locals but at the same time a popular tourist attraction, the Open Air Museum is like a heaven of tranquility. A stroll down its alleys will transport you back to archaic times.

For a fee you can enjoy a series of activities like a boat ride on the lake, fishing, bowling, or carriage rides in the summer, or sled rides in the winter. In the summertime, there are many cultural events that take place on the stage that is set up on the lake, usually inspired by life in a traditional Romanian village.

Did you know?

The museum is the largest open air exhibition in Europe.

Conservation facts

Its state of preservation is very good, being visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year.