Council Tower of Sibiu


The address of the Tower is 1 Piaţa Mică, Sibiu, Sibiu County.

Opening hours: summer, daily from 08:00 - 20:00; winter, daily from 10:00-20:00.

Entrance fee: Yes


The Council Tower is a symbol of the historical centre of Sibiu, facilitating the access between the Large and the Small Square. Built in the 13th century and having originally a defensive role, the Council Tower has undergone many transformations over time, its current state dating from 1824. Nowadays the tower serves as a museum with an entrance through a small gate. The interior ladder of the tower is very spectacular. On the top floor you can admire the hundreds year old clock which even now tells the time for the locals. On the upper floors you can enjoy a gorgeous view over the Large Square and the entire town, and on clear days even Făgăraş Mountains.

Did you know?

Over the course of time, the Council Tower was used as stronghold, observation point in case of fire, prison, granary and even a museum.

Conservation facts

Over centuries, the Council Tower has undergone many changes with the current state dating from 1824. The last important restorations were done in 2006, when the entire historical centre of Sibiu was rehabilitated in preparation for the 2007 Sibiu European Cultural Capital event.