Dumbrava Sibiului Nature Park


Dumbrava Sibiului Nature Park is located near Sibiu, on Calea Dumbrăvii, on the route to Răşinari and only four kilometers away from the historical center of Sibiu.

You can travel there by car or by bus.

You can learn more about the park from the Tourist Information Centre in Sibiu, located at 2 Samuel Brukenthal Street, F entrance (in the Big Square). Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 09:00-20:00, Sunday from 10:00 - 18:00.


The park covers an area of 900 ha and it includes Dumbrava Forest, the ASTRA Open Air Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, the Zoo and lakes.

The beauty of this green oasis is enhanced by the presence of Trinkbach river along which there are three lakes: one in ASTRA Museum and two in the Zoo. For over 200 years, this park has been a favourite of the locals for leisure and at the same time, it is home to various bird and animal species.

There’s no doubt that the main attraction of the park is the ASTRA Open Air Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, one of the largest and impressive open air museums in Europe, which was founded in the middle of its primeval forest. If you don’t have the time to visit an actual Romanian village, you have the chance to see around 300 traditional houses from various regions of Romania scattered all over a surface of 90 hectares. You only have to take a stroll through the museum and you will discover a fishery like the ones from the Danube Delta, but on the lakeshore, or the sheepfolds on top of the hill.

Did you know?

More than half of the trees from Dumbrava Forest are over 100 years old and near the lake there is an oak which is 400 years old.

Conservation facts

The Dumbrava Sibiului Nature park is a flora, fauna, landscape and cultural protected area.