Fortress Guesthouse in Axente Sever

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from 30 EUR /140 RON3-4 PeopleStr. Principala 316, Axente Sever, Romania

Discover what it’s like to stay in a fortress. 

Try a unique experience: spend the night in a 700-year-old fortress in  Transylvania

You will find here peace, relaxation, history and tradition.

There are 4 studios located in the defensive wall of the fortified church of Axente Sever and they can accommodate 3 (Carol I, Queen Mary, Queen Elisabeth studio) or 4 people (Michael I studio) making these a suitable location both for couples who want to spend a romantic vacation in the fortress of Axente Sever, but also for families with children.

Each studio has a large room and an open floor. Bathrooms feature a shower and a hairdryer, and the each room also has a fridge and a TV.

But besides all this, perhaps the most important feature is the view.

Although the studios are technically located in the defensive wall of the old fortress of Axente Sever, the windows offer a relaxing view of the fortified church within the fortress. At night, everything gets another perspective, and the lighted church offers a real show.

Within the Axente Sever fortress there is also the Fortress Museum and the inner courtyard of the fortification is a perfect place to spend summer evenings. Our tourists can also visit the tower of the fortress, and the view they will discover there will surely remain in their memory.



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