Cindrel Natural Park


Cindrel Natural Park is located in Sibiu county, and it covers Cândrel and Lotru mountains, both part of the Parâng mountain range.

The nearby towns, such as Gura Râului, Răşinari, Jina or Tilişca, are part of the geographical region known as Mărginimea Sibiului.

You can reach the park coming from Sibiu via DJ106A, heading to Răşinari - Păltiniş.

Another way of getting there is by DN7 national road on the route RâmnicuVâlcea - Călimăneşti - Căciulata - Copăceni - Boiţa.

There are three information centres opened all year round in Sălişte, Cisnădie and Răşinari, and two mountain rescue teams in Păltiniş and Cisnădie.


The Cindrel Natural Park overlaps the spectacular mountain landscape of Parâng mountains which varies from meadows and grasslands to gentle hills and glacial valleys such as Iezeru Mare, Iezeru Mic or Gropota.

Various rivers spring from the park and cross downstream the villages from Mărginimea Sibiului.

Some of the special nature reserves included in the park are Peatbog of the Devil’s Plateau and the Iezerele Cindrelului Reserve.

An important destination nearby is Păltiniş, the oldest (1894) and highest (1442 m) mountain  resort in Romania. It is very appreciated by winter sports and hiking fans alike. If you go up by cable car in Păltiniş, you will find various marked hiking trails and also some bike trails of medium difficulty.

The park is actually very well known for its numerous sheepfolds and sheep grazing, an ancient occupation of the locals, so there’s little wonder that its many customs and crafts are related to sheep grazing. Actually, the entire foothill area of Cindrel and Lotru mountains, called Mărginimea Sibiului, impresses with its extraordinary cultural richness, its special architecture with Saxon influences or its local gastronomic habits.

While being there you must attend events, which promote the traditional art or the local products and gastronomy. You can enjoy the cheese specialities or the delicious seasonal culinary products.

The Mountain Peony and Picnic in Candrel are two national festivals organized here every summer.

Did you know?

The “cocoşul de mesteacăn” (birch rooster) is an endangered species, protected in Europe, and it can be seen in Cindrel Natural Park.

Conservation facts

In 2000, the park was declared a protected area; it has a surface of 9.9 ha and it overlaps the Natura 2000-Frumoasa site.

Even though its state of conservation is satisfactory, the park is still affected by excessive grazing, poaching and unethical tourism.