Şoimoş Medieval Fortress


The Şoimoş Fortress is located on Cioaca Hill, near Radna and Şoimoş, Arad county. You can reach it by taking the DN7 National Road. Exiting Şoimoş (now part of Lipova town), you will have to climb for about 20 minutes up to the fortress. The site cannot be accessed by car.

The fortress can be reached by train; the nearest train station is in Radna.

The Şoimoş Fortress is under the custody of the Ecological Centre, from Arad, 3 Milcov Street. 

Oficial site here.


The Şoimoş Fortress is a remarkable medieval construction which has guarded  over the Mureş Valley from the Cioaca Tăutului Hill for 700 years. Built by a noble family as a defense against the Tatars, the fortress has known periods of highs and lows. Thus, the fortress has served as refuge both to the members of the Royal Austrian family and to the rebel peasants of Gheorghe Doja. At the beginning of the 17th century it was occupied by the Ottoman troops and its history stops in 1788 when the fortress was abandoned.

If you dare to climb up to the fortress you will certainly be impressed by its strong fortifications which are still standing, the well-preserved gates and a few decorative elements of the former noble residence. Furthermore your efforts will be rewarded with a stunning view over the Mureş meadow.

Did you know?

The fortress received its name from the activity that became famous in the Middle Ages: hawk raising (şoim means hawk).

Conservation facts

Even though over time the fortress was partially renovated, these works were never enough to bring the fortress back to its greatness as it truly deserves. Nevertheless this remains a destination not to be missed, especially by  Medieval history enthusiasts.