Stelea Monastery


The Stelea Monastery is located on 6 Stelea Street in Târgovişte, Dâmboviţa County.


The Stelea Monastery is a monument of great historical and cultural value, which completes the architectural heritage of the former princely capital of Wallachia, Târgovişte. Located at a short distance from the walls of the Princely Court, the Stelea Monastery was originally built in the middle of the 16th century by the merchant Stelea. The present place carries the signature of the Prince Vasile Lupu, who restored the whole architectural ensemble in the 17th century, following the model of the Three Hierarchs Church in Iaşi. Elegant and well proportioned, adorned with Moldavian and Wallachian decorative elements, the Stelea Monastery impresses at first sight. The interior will not disappoint you either with frescoes beautifully painted in the Brâncoveanu style at the beginning of the 18th century and the paintings of Arabic-Persian inspiration of the arcades between the pronaos and the nave and around the windows. Do not miss the monastery’s museum, which has many exhibits of old books and icons, as well as other church objects.

Did you know?

The steeple is the oldest architectural body of the Stelea Monastery, preserved from the 16th century.

Conservation facts

After being neglected for long period of time, the Stelea Monastery underwent an extensive process of restoration from 1943 to 1947.