“Fuga Lolelor” in Agnita

26 Jan 2020Agnita 555100, România

In Agnita, in the heart of the Transylvanian Highlands ecotourism destination, the last Sunday in January is dedicated to a hundred-year-old Saxon custom, the “Fuga Lolelor”. 

This fascinating tradition that takes place every year, with its origins in the Middle Ages, is organized by the Guild of Lolelor Agnita.

One of the most beautiful traditions in Transylvania was born following a story about a girl, Ursula, from the furrier guild, thar dressed in a terrifying costume to scary of the Turks, thus saving Agnita. 

The traditional guild parade is the main attraction followed by the groups of people dressed as “Lole” that are trying to drive away the bad spirits with whistles and whips.

They offer a traditional donut reward to passers-by who recognize them.