Putna Waterfall Nature Reserve


The Putna Waterfall is located near Lepşa village, Vrancea county. You can visit the waterfall only by accessing the stairs. Bathing and pet access are prohibited.

Entrance fee: Yes.


The Putna Waterfall Nature Reserve is the most visited attraction of the Putna Vrancea Natural Park. Here the Putna waters have chiseled their way through the huge rocks and created the beautiful waterfall with of over 12 m in height.

The show created by the waterfall, the picturesque landscapes and the legendary land of the Mioriţa, altogether make it irresistible for the nature fans.

It is recommended to continue your journey from the waterfall up to the wonderful Tişiţa Gorges, another important attraction of the Vrancea Mountains.

Did you know?

According to legend, once a year, after midnight, a beautiful woman dressed in white shows up and gives a fist full of diamonds to the nearest person. But no one knows which night she will make her appearance.

Conservation facts

The Putna Waterfall was declared a nature’s monument in 1973, when the reserve was first designed to receive visitors. Due to the fact that the waterfall has suffered from intensive tourism activity, many of the rock plant species have been destroyed, including the edelweiss.