Tişiţei Gorges Nature Reserve


The Tişiţei Gorges are located in the Putna Vrancea Natural Park, Vrancea county. The access is gained from the DN2D National Road from Lepşa.

The gorges unfold for 4.5 km and crossing them may take about 6 hours (both ways). Most visitors choose to stop after the Great Tunnel. To get through the tunnels, you will need a good flashlight. Do not leave without sufficient water and food. In the reserve, there are information panels and some benches.

Entrance fee: Yes.


The Tişiţei Gorges Nature Reserve is one of the most important attractions of the Putna Vrancea Natural Park and it stretches over 8 km. The route through the gorges is a spectacular one, with rocky walls, canyon sectors and bridges.

Following the thematic trail, you will have the chance to learn about the large animals that live in these woods, or you can simply admire the luxuriant vegetation and the rapid waters of Tişiţa. The Lepşa area is very popular for agrotourism and during the holidays, the village receives many tourists.

Did you know?

During the time when the Habsburg family ruled over this area, the Tişiţa Gorges route was used to transport timber. The tunnels at the end of the reserve are testimonies of that era.

Conservation facts

In the 19th century the entire forest in the Tişiţa Valley was eradicated. The forest which stands today is a relatively young forest.

In the beech forest, there live important populations of large carnivores and black goats that have been repopulated in the area since 1982. Otters can also be observed in the waters of Tişiţa, and their trails can be observed especially during winter.