Padiş Karstic Plateau


The plateau is situated near Pietroasa, in Apuseni Natural Park, Bihor county.

The easiest access is from Pietroasa or Huedin.

Camping is allowed only in special places, like near Padiş Lodge and Glăvoi meadow. The trails are marked.


Padiş Karstic Plateau, the best area of Apuseni Mountains, represents a landscape and floral protected area located at 1225 meters altitude. The plateau enchants with its picturesque sceneries with karstic formations or its hayfields which are very relaxing. It’s a paradise for hikers and caving enthusiasts with over 30 caves which will absolutely leave them overjoyed. After exploring some of these caves the adventurous traveller will definitely want to come back here. You will find that five most spectacular ones are the ones that  shelter glaciers: Scărişoara, Focul Viu, Zapodie, Bârsa and the Black Abyss. Other well-known natural attractions are Fortress of Ponor, Fortress of Rădeasa, Galbena Gorges or Bârsa Pit. A tourist route called “Yellow Circuit” is available for the tourists who want to see the numerous karst formations like Brădet Valley, Izbuc Valley, Ponor Clearing, Fortress’ Valley and Răchita Peak.

Did you know?

On the Padiş Karstic Plateau, you will find the deepest cave in Romania, the Bad Valley Cave, which has a depth of over 600 meters.

Conservation facts

Padiş Karstic Plateau is a protected area and due to its special beauty it became a popular place where people come to relax, explore caves and go hiking. The human influence is felt though in the form of various irresponsible tourism.

Due to the influence of natural and human factors, the glaciers from various caves are gradually losing their ice volume.