The Apuseni Natural Park


The Apuseni Natural Park is located in three different counties: Bihor, Cluj and Alba. At the moment, there are five campsites, but they don’t have any facilities: Glăvoi Meadow, Padiş Lodge area, Sighiştel Valley, Ic Ponor and Runcu Ars areas.

Entrance fee: No


Situated in Apuseni Mountains, the Apuseni Natural Park is one of the most beautiful and complex protected areas in Romania.

Its uniqueness is given by its main feature, the karst, which takes various shapes: spectacular caves, gorges, straits, and karst plateau. What makes the landscape even more picturesque are the people who inhabit these mountains, living here in one with nature. The park is preferred by nature lovers. Some of the main tourist attractions, among many, are the Sighiştel Valley, where Măgura and Coliboaia caves are located, the Chişcău area with the Bears’ Cave, the Padiş Karst Plateau with its Ponor Clearing, the Lost World, Ponor Gorges, Focul Viu Cave and Galbena Valley. We have to mention here that the well-known Vârtop area is preferred by the winter sports fans. Being an easy area to access, the Apuseni Mountains are the ideal vacation place for family and friends, offering a wide range of activities from hiking, biking or climbing, rafting and even paragliding.

Did you know?

Out of the 29 bat species identified in Romania, 19 of them have their natural habitat in the Apuseni Natural Park.

Conservation facts

The Apuseni Natural Park is a protected area which, in the last 10 years has been greatly affected by the illegal deforestation.

In 2009 the Park was awarded with the title of European Destination of Excellence an award that promotes sustainable tourism.