Moneasa Resort


The Moneasa resort is located at the foothills of the Codru-Moma Mountains in Arad county.


Located in the picturesque scenery at the foothills of the Codru-Moma Mountains, the Moneasa Balneare Resort is known for its thermal springs since Roman times.

Its mineral waters were even more appreciated once it was discovered that they are rich in calcium, magnesium and sodium. They create excellent treatment conditions and together with the highly ionized air, have given the resort the name of the “The Pearl of the Apuseni Mountains”.

Opened all year round, the resort offers a large range of modern treatments like massage, kinesitherapy, mineral bath etc, but also relaxation activities like boat rides, exercise and hikes/walks in the nearby forest?

There is a variety of accommodations offered and the traditional events complete the charm of the little mountain resort.

You can visit nearby the Bats Caver, the Water Lily Reserve, Boroaia Waterfall or Tinoasa Karst Plateau.

Did you know?

The area in which the Moneasa Resort is located is thought to be the most highly ionized area in Romania.

Conservation facts

The state of preservation of the Moneasa Resort is very good and the economical potential is very high in this area. This is mainly due to the exploitation of the natural resources and also to the type of tourism practiced here.