Călimani National Park


The park expands over an area of four counties: Mureş, Suceava, Harghita and Bistriţa-Năsăud. The most frequently used road to get to the reserve is Vatra Dornei – Gura Haitii – Cǎlimani. The alternative is the road from Lomaş Valley, coming from Topliţa. Around Călimani Mountains the summer is short, the snow lingering for almost six months (November-April/May).

Entrance fee: Yes. It can be paid at the Visitor centre (54C, Șaru Dornei village, schedule Monday-Friday from 10:00-14:00) or at the local rangers.

If you want to schedule a tour of the visitor centre please do it at: 0230 371 104, 0230 374 197, calimanipark@gmail.com

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Founded over 40 years ago, the Călimani National Park impresses with its unique landscapes, its ancient coniferous forests and strange geological formations. If you follow the mountain trails from the 12 Apostles Nature Reserve, Iezer Lake Nature Reserve or Tihu Falls you can discover fairytale-like alpine sceneries. Another attraction of the park is the volcanic cone Negoiu Românesc which formed during the surface mining activities from the period 1970-1994. The park offers various outdoor activities like horse riding, tours or junior ranger camps, all these being organized by the administration of the park. Along with these, the traditional customs (“Nedeea din Călimani”, “Moşii de Sânpetru”, Bârgău Mountains’ Suite, Măsura Oilor, The Pentecost Fair, Alpenrose Fair, Monor Days, Descending transhumance in Călimani - a pastoral festival) that take place here regularly and gather locals from all over the Călimani area will certainly fascinate you.

Did you know?

There are many legends about outlaws which circulated the area around the Călimani mountains, the most well-known being the one of Pintea Haiducul (Outlaw Pintea). Călimani National Park is located in the largest volcanic crater in Romania, with a 10 km in diameter.

Conservation facts

The preservation activities are done from the budget of the park’s administration, but also from the sale of the tourist packages. This way you can contribute to the maintenance and the preservation of the park and at the same time enjoy a unique experience.

The access in the park is only through the tourist trails approved by the administration of the park.