12 Apostles Nature Reserve


The Twelve Apostles Nature Reserve is located in Călimani Mountains, near Dorna Candrenilor, Suceava county.


The Twelve Apostles Nature Reserve from the Călimani National Park is a mysterious land of 200 ha filled with volcanic rocks eroded into the most bizarre shapes. The tourist trail which goes into the reserve starts in Gura Haitii village, near Vatra Dornei, and leads to this fascinating place in Calimani National Park. The “stars” of the reserve are the figures called “the Apostles”, the one of the old man being the most expressive of all. Let your imagination wander and you will discover all sorts of figures, faces or different animals. If you find yourself here on June 29th then you will have the chance to take part in the “Moşilor from Călimani” celebration, which originated in an ancient Dacian cult of the sun.

Did you know?

The thematic trail “The Twelve Apostles” is considered one of the seven most beautiful trails of its kind in Romania.

Conservation facts

The Twelve Apostles Nature Reserve is a nature monument and a sensitive protected area.