The Mureş Gorge Nature Park


The Mureş Gorge Nature Park is located in the eastern part of Transylvania, and in the central part of the Eastern Carpathians near Deda, Răstoliţa, Lunca Bradului and Stânceni, Mureş County.

The park is crossed by DN15 national road that connects the towns of Topliţa and Reghin. You can enjoy a picturesque scenery even from the train window.


Having a length of 33 km and a volcano landscape, the Deda-Topliţa Gorge separates, with its steep walls, the Călimani and Gurghiu Mountains. Thus, the Giurgeu Depression is connected with the Transylvanian Plateau. In order to conserve this spectacular area,in 2007 a nature park was created which also includes the Deda-Topliţa Gorge Nature Reserve.

This is the place where the Mureş river crosses its most beautiful segment through rocks, forested steep slopes and hilly green pastures, which all provide a special charm. The Upper Mureş Gorge Nature Park is a fairy tale landscape that shelters a large number of attractions and activities such as traditional villages, thermal baths, ski slopes, numerous hiking trails and birds' observation points, and ending with various gastronomic festivals.

If you begin your adventure in Topliţa, you will find a cozy little town that shelters many unique attractions. Among them is the only thermal waterfall that does not freeze in winter, but also numerous thermal baths, and during the cold season many well-equipped ski slopes are open to the public.

The Mureş river is accompanied by special landscapes downstream, passing through Lunca Bradului and Răstoliţa. An event dedicated to local traditions and customs, attracting many tourists every year, is the Mureş Valley Festival in July.

As you exit the gorge you will find Deda, a nice town at the foothill of the Călimani mountains, with charming villages such as Filea or Bistra Mureşului.

Deda is surrounded by the only mountainous bastion, the Lords Chairs plateau where many tourist trails lead to. Up there you will be rewarded with a gorgeous panoramic view over the valley of Mureş and the Călimani mountains. If you want to learn more about the traditions in this area, a visit to the ethnographic museum in Deda is a must.

Did you know?

Throughout the entire Topliţa-Deda gorge, there are over 100 cave creeks, formed about 5.3 million years ago during the active period of the Călimani-Gurghiu volcano. The only one which can still be visited is the "Ladaş Big House" cave near Androneasa.

Conservation facts

The Mureş Gorge Nature Park is an area of special avifauna protection, with dozens of hunting bird species or winter flying visitors taking refuge in the gorge.

The Mureş Gorge Nature Park represents a special landscape area as well, rich in plant species such as coniferous or meadow forests, and it also houses many large carnivores.