The Lower Prut Floodplain Natural Park


The Lower Prut Floodplain Natural Park is located in the territory of several towns (Cavadineşti, Suceveni, Oancea, Vlădeşti, Măstăcani, Folteşti, Frumuşiţa, Tuluceşti, Vânători and Galaţi) from Galaţi county.

You can gain access via DN2B Road (or the Galaţi-Giurgiuleşti Route). There are two information centres: one at the headquarters of the Regional Agency of Environment Protection in Galaţi and one inside Oancea City Hall.

The headquarters of the Natural Park is located in Galaţi within the Recreational Fishermen Association.

Accommodation can be found in the area of Brateş Lake, Forest District Galaţi (Canton Zătun), in Galaţi or even at the local houses near the park.

In the park there are various information panels. A fishing permit can be obtained from the Recreational Fishermen Association in Galaţi.

Entrance fee: Yes.

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The Lower Prut Floodplain Natural Park which has a real ecological importance, developed right before the Prut River flows into the Danube.

More than half of its surface, about 60 km, is covered by water and swamps. The water scenery is completed by beautiful islets of meadow forests that harbour many different bird species.

This small bird paradise is a perfect place to observe the bird species in their natural habitat. For this purpose, a few birdwatching areas were built between Galaţi and Maţa-Rădeanu Complex.

The parks administration’s birdwatching points are located in the area of Brateş, Vlăscuţa, Vlădeşti, Pochina lakes and the area of Maţa - Rădeanu complex.

The Lower Prut Floodplain area is also perfect for recreational fishing.

For the history and archeology fans, the outskirt of the park is filled with Paleolithic and Medieval ruins while in Comăneşti and Chiraftei villages you can admire some very old churches.

In Şiviţa there’s a small museum of village art and in Cavadineşti there is also a folk museum.

We have to mention that in the Gârboavele Forest in Tuluceşti there is a Village Museum where four traditional households have been reconstructed.

Did you know?

According to the researchers, there are approximately 240 bird species in the Lower Prut Floodplain Natural Park.

Conservation facts

Lower Prut Floodplain Natural Park is a wetland of high avifauna interest for Romania and Southeast Europe. It represents an important gate for the birds that enter the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

The whole area is a Special Area of Avifauna Protection inside the Natura 2000 European Ecological Network.