The Bison Reserve in Haţeg


The bison reserve is located in the Slivuţ forest in Haţeg County.

Opening hours: daily 08:00-18:00

Entrance fee: Yes


Eradicated from the Romanian landscape the wisent, a species of bison, was artificially reintroduced in 1958. This is the year the story of the bison reserve begins, one of the few of its kind in Europe.

The first pair of bison was initially brought from Poland, followed by another pair and through the breeding of these it was possible to lend calves to other similar locations.

In the Haţeg-Slivuţ Reserve, which covers an area of 50 ha, the number of the bison fluctuated until it was stabilized with a population of 10. In 2012 four calves were born, a real achievement for this reserve!

Did you know?

All bison born in Romania are given a name that starts with the letter R. Over the years, over 50 calves which were born here received names like Roman, Romina, Retezat, Rodica etc.

Conservation facts

In spite of their massiveness, the reserve bison are a fragile species. In 2014 the reserve was temporarily closed due to the death of seven wisents affected by a disease.