Saint Anna Lake


The Saint Anne Lake is located near the Băile Tuşnad Spa in Harghita County.


The Saint Anne Lake, located in Ciomatu Massif, is a mysterious lake surrounded by many legends. Encircled by coniferous forests which reflect in its crystal waters, the St Anne’s Lake is one of a kind in Romania, being the only lake formed in a volcanic crater.

Situated 946 m high near Băile Tuşnad Spa, it’s a site not to be missed when you visit the Székely Land.

The highly ionized air with therapeutic effects, the boat rides or the hikes in the surrounding woods are just a few reasons to convince you that this unique place deserves to be discovered. 

Near the lake you can discover the Mohoş Peat Bog Nature Reserve.

Did you know?

Saint Anne Lake took the same circular shape of the crater in which it was formed, and in some places it can reach a depth of 7 m. With no sources of its own, the water from the lake comes only from precipitation. This also explains why its water is so pure.

Conservation facts

Saint Anne Lake is a nature, geological, flora and fauna reserve and it forms a Natura 2000 sit along with Tinovul Mohoş Peat Bog.




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