Băile Tuşnad Bear Hides


There are two bear hides in Băile Tuşnad: one located on the outskirts of Băile Tuşnad, and another near St Anne Lake.

The meeting point is in front of Băile Tuşnad railway station, and nearby Cabana for the hide located at St. Anne Lake.

Opening hours: 2 hours before sunset. Please make reservations first.

All persons over 7 years old may participate. Capacity: 20 persons for the Băile Tușnad hide, and 45 for the hide near St Anne Lake.

Recommended clothing: seasonal hiking clothing, black hood. Umbrella or waterproof jacket (in case of rain). Bringing any food is forbidden.



Băile Tuşnad and its surroundings are an ecotourism destination which provides a combination of perfect views, soothing mineral waters, traditions and almost untouched parts of nature, attracting thousands of visitors each year. But what makes it truly attractive is the abundance of wildlife, mountains, valleys and forests, offering shelter to many representative animals in this area, in particular the Carpathian brown bear.

Due to the high population of bears, it is not surprising that this region is one of the best European destinations for observing the brown bear in its natural habitat. For such memorable experiences, the hides in Tușnad and St Anne Lake are excellent facilitators for wildlife meetings at sunset, providing great conditions to photograph the king of the Carpathian forest.

These unique experiences are also amplified by the construction of the hides, behind the concept being the renowned award-winning wildlife photographer Bence Máté, specialized in designing such shelters. Built from natural materials, they are enclosed, covered, and provide full safety when watching bears through large and unidirectional glass panes.

Experience something unique and enjoy watching these magnificent animals!

Did you know?

The Carpathian brown bear (Ursus arctos) can reach a height of 1 to 1.25 m, a body length between 2 to 2.2 m and a weight that varies (female, male, season) between 100-350 kg.

Conservation facts

Although Romania is the most important destination for observing brown bears, holding the largest bear population in Europe (about 6,000 bears) outside of Russia, the bear is a vulnerable species mainly due to the destruction of its natural habitat (excessive logging, agriculture, etc.) which should normally provide natural foods.

Obviously, by taking away its food, the bear-man conflicts remains only a step away. To improve coexistence with bears, the "ACCENT" Geological and Environmental Organization from Băile Tuşnad supports numerous education and information campaigns, such as The Bear Festival, for locals and tour operators.

Ecotourism is also encouraged by the observation of bears in their natural habitat and the prohibition of hunting practices as the brown bear is a protected species.




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