Beech Valley Forest Nature Reserve


The Beech Valley Forest Nature Reserve is located in the territory of Luncaviţa, Tulcea County.

The reserve can be easily accessed by the road which connects Luncaviţa to Nifon.

There are many easy trails found in this area.

Entrance fee: No.


Part of the Măcin Mountains National Park, the Beech Valley Forest Nature Reserve is a unique place in Romania.

On an area of 154 ha in a narrow valley, the impressive beech species can be admired. This relic from the Tertiary Age is the remanence of the old beech forest which used to cover this land a long time ago.

Other species which can be admired here are the common hornbeam, the elm, the maple and of course the linden trees which spread their perfume-like scent in the summer. For this reason, the reserve is a place most sought after by beekeepers who spend here a few weeks per season and collect delicious linden honey.

In the last few years, the area has become quite popular as the people from the nearby villages come here to relax and escape the hot summers.

Did you know?

Some of the trees in the Beech Valley Forest can reach up to 38 m in height and 1 m in diameter.

Conservation facts

The Beech Valley Forest is a protected area of the Măcin Mountains National Park.