The Small Wetland of Brăila Natural Park


The Small Wetland of Brăila Natural Park is located near Brăila, on the lower course of the Danube.    

The natural park can be accessed only by boat in three main points: in Giurgeni, on the E60 road towards the Egreta preservation area, in Brăila from the Nautical Base, upriver towards the Fundu Mare protection area or in Gropeni, after crossing the Danube by boat to the Brăila’s Big Island.     

Accommodations can found in two camping sites, a few lodges and guesthouses and in 14 houses located in the nearby villages.

The entrance fee includes the transportation by a fast boat, which is pretty expensive, by motorboat or by boat with roars. Other taxes may be for using the watchtowers, guides, or for wagon transportation etc.

Entrance fee: Yes.

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In the Danube’s meadow, near Brăila, you will discover a small delta, the Small Wetland of Brăila Natural Park, a birds’ paradise. A remnant of the former natural big ponds of the Danube, the park has now seven islands, many oases and lakes with a very lush vegetation including water lilies, reeds and willow and black locust woods. The scenery is completed by the numerous bird colonies such as the egrets, cormorants, herons or white-tailed eagles.

All these elements make the Small Wetland of Brăila Natural Park a bird watching paradise. Arrangements can be made to bird watch from the boats or the observation towers.

The administration of the park proposes 15 tourist routes, 8 of them on land and 7 on water. These are completed by thematic tours. Other activities which can be practiced here are canoeing, fishing cycling or horse riding. The park can be a perfect destination for those seeking quietness and relaxation in a fairy tale like water landscape.

Did you know?

In the Small Wetland Island of Brăila you can visit the Egreta Lodge, the former residence of the dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu.   

Conservation facts

The island has a triple status: a natural park, a wet area of international importance- RAMSAR site and a Natura 2000 Site.

There have been 208 bird species identified in the Small Wetland of Brăila Natural Park with many of them being endangered species.