The Roman Catholic Cathedral St. Michael


The cathedral is located at 21 Mihai Viteazul Street, Alba Iulia, in Alba County.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 08:00-18:00.


The St Michael’s Roman Catholic Cathedral can be easily found in Alba Carolina Citadel as it is one of the best preserved constructions and one of the most visited.

The construction on the cathedral started in 1246. Built in the Romanesque style with Gothic influences, the cathedral is impressive with a southern tower which reaches a height of 62 meters. The tombs of several important political figures of the region are interred inside the cathedral. Among these are John Hunyadi, governor of Hungary, and his son Ladislau, but also some of the family of the first prince of Transylvania, John II Sigismund. Here you can also admire the altar which comes from a small Byzantine church and the largest functional organ found in a cathedral in Transylvania.

Did you know?

With its 56 meters in length, the Roman-Catholic Cathedral is the longest cathedral in Transylvania.

Conservation facts

The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Alba Iulia is considered to be one of the best preserved medieval religious relics in Central Europe.