The Culture Palace in Târgu Mureş


The palace’s address is 2 George Enescu Street, Târgu-Mureş, Mureş County.


The Palace of Culture is a beautiful and imposing building from the Belle Epoque Age, a true landmark of the city of Târgu-Mureş. Erected in just two years (1911-1913), the Palace of Culture impresses through the esthetics of its Secession style combined with the traditional elements of the region. You will be impressed by the exterior decorations with various frescos, mosaics and the colored roof tile. The interior will not disappoint you either with the Hall of Mirrors catching your eyes with its crystal mirrors and coloured stained-glassed windows.

Nowadays the Palace is host to many cultural institutions opened to the public like the State Philharmonic, the Permanent Exhibition of the History and Archeology Museum, The Art Museum, The Galleries of the Artists' Union and the County Public Library.

Did you know?

The sketches of the stained-glass from the Palace of Culture represented Europe at the San Francisco Decorative Art Exhibition in 1914 where they were awarded.

Conservation facts

Being a relatively new building, the state of conservation of the Palace of Culture is good.