We want to discover and promote special accommodations in Romania, which are focusing on sustainable development. If you own such an accommodation, if you think of what impact your business has on the environment and you have chosen to offer your guests services and eco products, then this is the right place to promote your business.

To reward and support these efforts, we came up with the essential platform you need to be discovered by travelers interested in accommodations that are friendly with the environment and support the local communities.

In the registration form, you will find a list of ecological criteria designed to cover a wide range of accommodation units (from hotels to campsites). You will need to mark only those that really fit your accommodation unit and you must meet at least three of these criteria in order to be published on the Romanian Journeys platform.

Choose the package that best suits your needs!

Join responsible tourism and be part of the change!

* The processing of you profile can take up to 5 business days, and we reserve the right to make the final selection of the accommodation units that will be published on the platform even if the minimum number of ecological and sustainable criteria is met and regardless of the selected package.