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We thought of a platform for restaurant, pub & cafes owners who are aware of the impact their business has on the environment. Our goal is to connect them with travelers who appreciate their efforts made in this direction.

If you are one of these owners, it would be ideal if in practising your business you apply some of these ecological criteria:

  • Using and promoting Romanian (seasonal) food products.
  • Proposing alternative vegetarian and / or vegan menus.
  • Serving fish caught or farmed in the most environmentally responsible way.
  • Supplying with fair trade products (coffee, tea, etc.).
  • Reducing food waste (donations to elderly homes, street people, etc.).
  • Reduction, Reuse, Recycling (selection of biodegradable waste and collection of used oil, use of ecological cleaning products, use of reusable textile towels instead of paper napkins, decoration with refurbished furniture, etc.).
  • Improving energy efficiency and managing the water consumption.
  • Supporting local communities (e.g. hiring locals).

We believe that the benefits of applying such criteria can be multiple:

  • Increasing the number of clients who are nowadays more sensitive to these issues.
  • Saving money that can be spent on energy, water, waste, etc.
  • Getting media attention and creating image capital.
    Romania may be deficient in legislation or proper application of such criteria, but by applying them you will contribute to the protection of the environment while being proactive, thus contributing to increased social responsibility.

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