Mamaia resort


Mamaia is a resort at the Black Sea located in the northern part of Constanţa City, on a strip of land which separates the beach from the Siutghiol Lake. On the beach there are lifeguards monitoring the beach from 08:00-20:00.


Mamaia Resort is perhaps the most famous beach resort from the Romanian shore of the Black Sea. The large beaches with fine sand and shallow waters led to the building of the first villas here in the early 1900s. Furthermore, at the beginning of the 20th century the Romanian Royal Family established their summer residence here.

During the communist period, the resort developed very quickly and chaotically, as it was visited by tourists from the communist block.

Nowadays Mamaia attracts with its dynamic and glossy beaches and innovative projects which are meant to assure the tourists a good time (such as the cable car or the Aqua Magic).

From May to September tourists from all over the world roam in the many shops, restaurants, clubs and terraces.

A special place in Mamaia is represented by the Vacation Village where fun and entertainment is guaranteed for the entire family.

Did you know?

Mamaia resort was connected to Constanţa railway station through a railroad which disappeared during the 60s.

Conservation facts

As many other beaches, the one in Mamaia is being continuously exposed to the wave erosion. In order to maintain the standards of the resort expensive projects were implemented to widen the beach with sand brought in from the sea. As a result, the beaches that only had 20 m width are now almost 100 m.  




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